The lessons learnt so far from COVID-19 and the specific HVAC-related policies, and design and technological strategies and measures that need to be adopted and sustained for protection from future pandemics form the backbone subjects of the 7th edition of the World IEQ Forum, a conference that has assumed much significance in the wake of the pandemic.

COVID-19 exposed how ill-prepared we are as entire cities to minimise the spread of disease. The terrible tragedy that visited us was the result of failure on multiple counts – policy, occupant behaviour, weak financial models
(project development, FM), inability to get the best out of cutting-edge technologies (installation, commissioning, continuous monitoring and O&M) and failure of integrated project development mechanisms, to name a few.

A key objective of the Forum is to find climate-friendly lasting solutions to the demand for clean and safe air through inviting regional and global experts and visionaries and engaging them in in-depth discussions.

Another objective of the Forum is to host a display of the latest technological solutions and services, capable of ushering in transformation for the better in the build-environment.